Mackinley's, Byram Street and Wood Street. Huddersfield

The best specialist food stores in and around Huddersfield

by Bonita Johnson

Huddersfield is rich in diversity, something which is reflected in the great selection of specialist food stores in and around the town centre. Below is our guide to fulfilling your foodie dreams in your own kitchen and just a small selection of what Huddersfield has to offer.


Whether you want to make your favourite Chinese dish or perhaps something Thai, Hua Long on Wood Street has everything you need! They stock fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, as well as an array of frozen, dry and store cupboard ingredients. The choices and possibilities are endless – from fresh oyster and enokitake mushrooms to frozen dumplings you have everything you need to recreate your own oriental meals at home.

Hua Long on Wood Street, Huddersfield
Hua Long on Wood Street, Huddersfield

The staff are incredibly helpful and are always keen to answer any questions you have about their produce (which is great as lots of the packaging isn’t in English). You can visit them in store or shop online at and arrange delivery. 

Polish and Eastern European

Supersam European supermarket, John William Street, Huddersfield
Supersam European supermarket, John William Street, Huddersfield

Supersam is a European supermarket on John William Street, which sells a wide range of Polish and Eastern European food and drinks. They have fridges full of meats and cheese as well as shelves stacked high with other specialist ingredients, including giant jars of sauerkraut and other delicious pickles. There are also freezers stocked with a variety of interesting foods and spirits available from behind the counter – lots of cracking vodka that is perfect to drink on ice.

The staff always serve you with a friendly smile and a visit is highly recommended as there are so many exciting things to buy.

Caribbean and African

Mackinley's, Byram Street and Wood Street. Huddersfield
Mackinley’s, Byram Street and Wood Street. Huddersfield

Mackinley’s is a brilliant Caribbean and African supermarket and has entrances on  Byram Street and Wood Street. They celebrated their 10th birthday last November – 10 years of supplying Huddersfield with delicious food, drink and ingredients! When you enter there is a great selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. There are shelves of spices and canned food. Upstairs you will find alcohol behind the counter and they also sell frozen goods. Mackinley’s also have authentic recipe cards for your favourite traditional dishes, so you can try your hand at cooking Caribbean favourites such as: ackee and saltfish, curried goat and saltfish fritters.

You can visit them and browse in store or they have recently started offering a delivery service. Follow them on Facebook to keep updated on deals and offers on their page:

Pakistani and Indian

There are various shops in and around the town centre which sell Indian and Pakistani ingredients, including Punjab Stores on Old South Street in Springwood, which has been open for nearly 60 years! Punjab stores was the first Asian corner shop to open in Huddersfield and the place where immigrants from Pakistan and the Caribbean who were living here in the 1960’s were able to get a taste of home. Punjab Stores is still open today and is now run by its third generation – how spectacular!

Javid Supermarket
Javid Supermarket

Javid Supermarket in Fartown on Bradford road is one of many shops in its vicinity where you can buy an assortment of ethnic food. As well as Asian food components, they stock Caribbean, African, Middle Eastern, Polish and English groceries. You can also purchase fresh Halal meat from them, including: poultry, lamb, mutton, goat, beef and even fish.

Javid Supermarket also offers a huge range of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are open 7 days a week and you can visit their website for more information at 


Vivaldi is an Italian wine and food cash and carry who supply many of the Italian restaurants in and around or town. The good news is, they are now open to trade to the public so you can stock up on all the Italian ingredients you need! They offer over 1,500 speciality Italian and Continental foods, wines, liqueurs and spirits. You can buy fresh, dry and frozen pasta, frozen pizza dough (or all the components to make it fresh), charcuterie meats and cheeses, fish and seafood, as well as oils and sauces. In addition to that, you can pick up Italian deserts in individual portions or the whole cake, think delicious profiteroles and tiramisu!

Their Huddersfield branch can be found in Trafalgar Mills on Leeds Road or you can view their products on their website:

We hope you have found our guide to specialist food stores useful and continue to find other hidden independent gems in our wonderful town. We would love for you to share other food stores we have missed or your next trip to one of the shops we’ve mentioned by tagging our social media in your photos and posts with the hashtag, #ShopLocal

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