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Promoting the best of Huddersfield

The campaign promotes the best of Huddersfield including events, shopping, food & drink and local attractions.

Our vision is to develop Huddersfield into an accessible, safe, vibrant and attractive destination which celebrates its culture and heritage, serves its local business, university and residential community and is recognised nationally and internationally as a great place to be. 

Mysterious Creature to take over Huddersfield

2020 has been mysterious to say least and it’s about to get even more curious as ‘TentaHudds’ takes over a Huddersfield Town Centre building.

Huddersfield Leisure Centre

Active Huddersfield

For our physical and mental wellbeing, it’s important that we all try to make sure we build a bit of physical activity into our daily lives. Huddersfield is a great place to be active, with a huge number of opportunities to suit all tastes and encourage local people and visitors to the town to exercise.


Huddersfield Heritage History Castle Hill, Victoria Tower

Heritage Huddersfield: Exploring Huddersfield’s History by Zoha Tariq

Heritage is the soul of a place. It not only gives perspective to the atmosphere, but also guides and educates us of the past long-gone. Huddersfield is quaint town famous for its architecture, and of course, as the birthplace of Sir Harold Wilson.


Huddersfield Student Guide

Huddersfield is a fantastic place to study and as you prepare to start your University life we’ve prepared a handy guide to the best student-friendly places and activities in the town.