Hello Huddersfield Christmas Letter Campaign

Give a few Words this Christmas

Huddersfield BID are backing a  fantastic new campaign organised by The Give, a scheme set up to combat loneliness and bring the community together.

#lettersforchristmas is a campaign sending positive personalised letters to people who are feeling isolated in local care homes/charities with an aim of spreading cheer this Christmas.  People across Kirklees are being invited to write a letter or card, draw a picture and drop them off in one of the Giveā€¦a few words red post-boxes which are going on tour across Kirklees. This campaign is looking to drop off a post box in Huddersfield Town Centre businesses for one day to collect any letters/cards that people wish to drop off. Any businesses who participate will be featured in the campaign’s roadshow listings.

The campaign will run from Tuesday 8th Dec to Friday 18th December.

To find out more about the organisation, visit www.thegive.co.uk

Huddersfield BID are really exciting to see businesses and communities coming together to support local campaigns making Huddersfield a loving place to be. For more information please contact enquiries@huddersfieldbid.co.uk